This Week in Talent (21 Jan)

We are back and this week we share an expert methodology for defining (or refining) your EVP in a COVID-impacted world, a well-researched post by David Green on 2021 trends, best practices for an all-remote hiring process, and more!

An expert methodology for defining (or refining!) your EVP

Since many employees are working remotely, you may have to tweak your existing EVP to reflect your new normal. Here are some tips for defining or refining your EVP.

The ‘Future of Work’​ has arrived: 12 predictions for HR in 2021

First published in December and recently updated, this well-researched post by David Green is probably one of the best “prediction” articles out there currently. Excellent read for anyone who is keen to learn more about future trends and how they might affect our work.

Fully remote recruiting and hiring: overview and best practices

Following an all-remote hiring process – where you meet job candidates and get to know them in a virtual-only context – may be less familiar and more daunting for many of us. Here’s a comprehensive checklist that can help you make the process a little easier. Check it out.

3 ways to hack your calendar for better focus

It is the first we have heard of the word “Zoomxaustion”, but it is a thing – really. And many of us might be experiencing it today. A timely read for everyone.

Thousands apply to be a Finn for 90 days in migration scheme

An example of a creative way to attract foreign skilled workers. With more than 5,300 applications submitted, this could be a blueprint for anyone who is looking at increasing your Talent pool.

Do you have any exciting news to share? Reach out and let us know!

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