This Week in Talent (1st December)

This week in talent - 1st December 2022

Guess who’s back … back again. Shady’s back (me – I’m Shady). Tell a friend. Guess who’s back guess who’s back guess who’s back Nah nah nah uh nah uh nah uh nah …

Ya gal Jodizzle is back, coming to you for the next few weeks as we enter the busiest, grossest, funnest, silliest month of the year … December!

Pop your hand up if you’re crawling, clawing and scraping your way to that sweet end of year break? 🙋🏼‍♀️Every year I promise myself it’ll be different, and every year I end up getting to December a burnt-out husk (all of my own doing, might I add).

This year has been massive for me. I’ve tried about 15,000 new hobbies, re-kicked off my side hustle (Career Stuff), worked on some flippin’ awesome projects and met some flippin’ awesome people.

Now it’s time to start planning for next year. What is 2023 bringing for you and your talent teams? Have you booked your end of year reflections, and new year kick-off events? Have you started preparing your hiring managers to expect a down-turn in quality and number of applicants over December/January (or maybe you haven’t because you find that a good time to recruit?) Have you been looking at 2023 trends and mentally started preparing your teams for whatever the next big Great <insert scary work word here> is?

Here are some articles to get you thinking and help with the end of year wrap up and new year prep! If you haven’t started, get started! As my mum always says – gotta remember the 6 P’s … Prior Preparation Prevents P*ss Poor Performance 💁🏼‍♀️

9 Ways to Become a Strategic Talent Advisor to Your Business

One of my all-time favourite articles that I have shared before but must share again because I reference it EVERY TIME I sit down to plan the overarching strategy for the team. I don’t follow it to the letter, but it gets my brain thinking about a different way of looking at strategy based on data and insights rather than what I “think” is best.

5 Questions Every Manager Needs to Ask Their Direct Reports

If you’re a people leader, this is a good read to help you prepare for your team’s personal and professional development in 2023. This will help you to retain your top talent in the team, and make sure they always feel like they are doing meaningful work.

Driving performance for remote and hybrid teams

A must watch for the people leaders that manage a hybrid or remote workforce. My team work in a hybrid capacity, and whilst we’re still ironing out the weirdness and balance of it all it’s good to see how other companies are doing it so I can make the necessary tweaks to ensure my team’s time together in the office is purposeful, and our time at home is productive.

The 25 Micro-Habits of High-Impact Managers

Yes this is another resource for “Managers” but I would actually say that this can be implemented at any level. How to be your best damn productive self in the new year! Self-reflection, self-awareness, empathy, and celebrating wins/fails are things everyone can do!

Man Wins Legal Right Not To Be Fun At Work

A bit of a funny one (what a fun sponge this guy is!) but a good read if you’re the type of team that likes that have froff johnnies after work hours for “team culture”…

Your Global Hiring Blueprint: How to Assess a Global Employment Platform

It’s so easy right now for companies to work across different locations, borders, and time zones, which gives us great access to really diverse talent. But accessing talent in different regions can be tricky when it comes to compliance and legal obligations. If you’re looking to adopt a more structured approach to your international expansion and use an Employer of Record (EOR), take a look at this handy checklist from G-P.

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