This Week in Talent (19th January)

Oh my gosh HELLO 2023!

It’s a new year, my new fancy day planner arrived (it is DIVINE), and I’m ready to kick some new year goals… that are really a roll over from the same goals I had last year. FInancial, health and career – same as everyone else’s I’m assuming?

So I don’t know if you know – but yes, I do yoga. Yes, I’m flexible. YES, I can do the splits. The real reason I do it is for the mindfulness. The 60 minutes of bliss I get to disconnect from my apple watch and phone, breath and move, and be mindful.

If you’re also a yoga go-er you might have heard of the term ‘Sankalpa’? It is “a heartfelt desire, a solemn vow, an intention”. Sometimes we set a Sankalpa at the start of a class – a guiding intention for how we want to feel. That’s what I’m doing this year! Rather than setting traditional goals (although I do have a couple of those too) I have a Sankalpa to guide me. Very woo woo of me, and I promise this is the most woo woo I’ll ever get but … it works!

If you’re interested in doing something similar this year but not sure how to choose a word or intention, give this a peep. It will help you get your words onto paper and refine them a bit, and BAM baby… you got yourself a Sankalpa 🤓

Something else to kick off the new year – The Greatest Life Hacks In The World. It’s not a long read, but honestly some awesome nuggets of advice to live by in there. A recruitment relevant one: “Job interviews are not really about you. They are about the employer’s needs and how you can fill them.”

My personal favourite that I am going actually write down in my new day planner so I don’t forget it: “When you get invited to something in the future, ask yourself, would I do this tomorrow?”

Something ELSE to kick off the new year – Kevin Wheeler’s Fearless Forecast. I’ve booked a room in the office for my team and I to watch this together. We love a forecast, and I wanna know what I’m in for this year. Run at me, 2023.

‘Quiet Hiring’ is predicted to be a thing this year …

Yay for another catchy predicted trend that we can throw around.

Labor’s industrial relations reforms could lead to fines for employers advertising dodgy pay rates

This is a step in the right direction, targeting employers that advertise rates the breach the Fair Work Act or relevant Enterprise Agreement.

What’s the problem with inventing flashy new job titles?

I’m one of those people that doesn’t really care about job titles, but some do. Could fancy new job titles impede someone’s future career endeavours?

‘Rage-applying’ is the new ‘quiet quitting,’

MORE CATCHY PREDICTED TRENDS WE CAN TALK ABOUT TO SOUND FANCY! To be fair, I think all of us have “rage applied” at some point. I know I have as a coping mechanism when I’ve had a bad day at work. Not a new thing, but apparently on the rise!

Listen: ‘Workplace Wellness’

This podcast isn’t what you think … it picks apart the whole ‘Workplace Wellness’ trend. To be honest, I never thought about how harmful, ableist and divisive some seemingly innocent workplace wellness initiatives could be.

“Connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning in our lives,” says author and researcher Brené Brown

Enboarder recently surveyed 1,000 full-time employees about their connections in the workplace, how employers facilitate (or hinder) these interactions and notable outcomes (like productivity) that come from connectedness. The results will surprise you.

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