This Week in Talent (19 Nov)

This week we share an excellent resource on Employer Branding good practices, an article exploring the four principles underlying a successful hybrid, work from home/office strategy, a brilliantly articulated article on copywriting (for those who are looking for inspiration with your job ad copy), and more!

10 pitfalls to avoid when launching your employer brand internally

Good reminder that Employer Branding is not only an external activity and the EVP promoted out in the world should match the actual employee experience in the company. Useful read to anyone who’s starting out or working on their Employer Branding.

In-demand Talent playbook

The good stuff begins from page 11. A practical resource and it includes a workflow map to help you get your Talent pool and pipelines up and running. Check it out.

4 principles to ensure hybrid work is productive work

Interesting arguments presented in this article, which describes the keys to getting hybrid work right to come from a business’s understanding of place and time in relation to productivity. Where and when can people be at their most productive? Addressing these design choices effectively will enable productivity to flourish. Click to learn more.

10 recruiting tips for hard-to-fill positions

Hard-to-fill roles are “hard-to-fill” because they require niche and highly sought-after skills sets or you are sourcing from a small Talent pool and/or Talent short markets. If you need some ideas to improve your sourcing strategies, check out this article.

Everyone’s a copywriter. Right?

Brilliantly articulated, for anyone who is interested in tone of voice and the power of words. Might be good inspiration for when you write your next job ad. If you can’t access the article on Medium, click here instead.

These are the 5 most valuable skills to learn right now, says futurist – and where to find free online courses

What are these future-proof skills and where can you learn them for free – this, in its essence is the article. Time to get your professional development sorted.  

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