This Week in Talent (18 Feb)

This week we share some actual data from a study conducted on the impact of remote working on employees, an excellent EVP video by the folks from Smartsheet, an inverted approach to management that could get your team working more productively, and more!

Hybrid rules: The emerging playbook for flexible work

For those of you who are after some actual data on the impact of remote working on employees, this is a report you should read. The level of productivity remains steady, but there are warning signs of burnouts.  

Flipping the org chart for long-term success

Insightful article from Dart Lindsley, Google’s Head of Global Process Excellence for People Operations, examining the impacts on his team since they flipped their org chart around – literally. A top-down approach has always been prone to information lag while a bottom-up approach can be more dextrous and flexible. What do you think?

How recruiting won the Super Bowl by targeting “wrong fit candidates”

Another excellent article from Dr John Sullivan with solid information and great examples on how TA can make better hires. We thought point number 1 is especially pertinent – how many of us actually track the quality of hire and did you know “wrong fit candidates” are usually amongst top performing employees? Must read.

Video: We Work in Progress

A very well-made EVP video by the folks from Smartsheet, check it out. They’ve just started their EVP journey and revamped their newly career site with some amazing stories of progress. Click through here for some inspiration.

Spotify is letting employees work from anywhere – while still paying San Francisco and New York salaries

Spotify has always been ahead of the pack when it comes to introducing forward-thinking work policies. And this decision to keep their current wage structure differs from decisions made by Facebook and Twitter, who both said they will cut salaries for those who choose to relocate away. Do you pay based on the value of the role or the cost of living for the employee? Have a read and ponder.   

Do you have any exciting news to share? Reach out and let us know!

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