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Is it me, or is anyone else shocked that we’re half-way through the year already? Where has the time gone? It’s EOFY season again!

I’ve got a theory about this. It’s all about the Relativity of Time (cue Twilight Zone music. Kids these days know what Twilight Zone is right? If not, here’s a quick Simpson’s reference for you). Back during the dark ages (2020-2022), time almost seemed to have stood still for many of us, due to the various pandemic restrictions. And when we were finally let back out into society in full, back to work, back to travel, back to no-masks, it almost feels that someone has hit fast-forward on our lives.

So if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, tired, or burn-out. Remember to be kind to yourselves and to acknowledge that it’s okay to feel this way.

But back to time moving at a freakishly fast rate. The growth from a Talent perspective in the last few years has certainly gone at light speed. I was just reading an ATC Blog post on ‘Where should TA focus their professional development’, and there are a few key themes if you’re wondering where to start. Leveraging data and metrics (no surprises here), as well as leveraging design thinking, and technology, in particular, automation and AI.

The topic of AI being so prevalent at the moment, it’s been interesting to see how Talent teams as well as HR/Talent tech are pivoting and leveraging the use of AI in how we do our work. How do we use it to our advantage? What are some of the jobs that take up our time that can be completed with AI? Companies like Paycor and Beamery have incorporated AI into their talent management modules to generate job descriptions as a starting point.

Conversations that haven’t moved as quickly as I thought are centred around flexible working policies. Companies are continuing to change their minds about allowing their workers to continue working from home or working hybrid, the most recent this week being Google.

So I thought I would share this video by Foil Arms and Hog, about how we would all be struggling in the office, when remote work is no longer an option.

And for those of us who attended ATC2022 up in Sydney last year, guess what?

Plans are already under way for the big ATC2023! The event will be heading back to Luna Park Sydney 22-23 November. Though the team is still working on some of the big details, they are very excited to have confirmed Vervoe (whose whole mission is to help companies hire based on skills, not background) as the official Event Partner. Super Early Bird tickets are only available until 30 June, so if you’re looking to register in this financial year make sure to book now.

How is AI Transforming Talent Acquisition

This article looks specifically at the Indian job market, but as the country with the highest number of people in the world, and a nation is a well-known tech hub no less, it’s really interesting to see how some companies are revolutionising the TA process, with AI.

How can HR leverage AI to Find Valuable Talent?

A conversation between Lauren Winan, CEO and principal HR consultant at Next Level Benefits, and Dr. Lindsey Zuloaga, Chief Data Scientist at HireVue chats about AI and Talent Acquisition – looking at how, the benefits, and some of the challenges that arise from using AI.

TaPod Episode 228 – Crystal Balling Talent with Amy Schultz

Join Lauren and Craig as they sit down with Amy Schultz, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Canva, as they discuss the ‘golden age’ of HR Tech. What the heck is AI? What is everyone talking about? How do we keep up as Talent professionals?

5 Talent Acquisition Trends that will Define 2023

This isn’t a sponsored post by Lever, but this is a great article they posted about some of the trends we need to keep our eye on, in the next 12 months. Not surprisingly,  being data-driven is number 1 on that list!

Google has officially changed its mind about remote work

Tech giant, Google has announced that they will be cracking down on employees who aren’t adhering to the hybrid work schedule, with remote work granted only by exception. They will be including office attendance in performance reviews.

Skills-first hiring uncovers hidden talent

Skills shortages are growing and the traditional ways of assessing candidate skills aren’t closing the talent gaps. Job simulations are the ultimate way to adopt a skills-first approach that stops valuable talent being overlooked.

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