This Week in Talent (15th December)

Welcome to the last TWIT of the year that was 2023. WHAAAATTTTT?!

If you’re thinking “that came up way too quickly and I feel like I didn’t accomplish a single thing this year” … same.

That is why it’s the PERFECT time to do a retro with your team, and plan for the year ahead that is 2024 (yikes). I’m running a session with my Talent Acq leaders this week and here is how we are structuring the session:

  1. Book in 2 hours of time. If it finishes early that’s great, but I bet the conversation will go right up to the last second.
  2. If you can, do it in person. Book a room or area that can facilitate some whiteboarding and discussion.
  3. Use a Playbook! I use the Atlassian plays all the time, and I also use the MURAL board templates too. I’m sure there are a bazillion more out there!
  4. Have a plan of action for post-sesh. Nothing worse than running a session like this, and then it all just sits there then suddenly you’re 6 months into the new year and haven’t actioned a single thing. Summarise the feedback, get your team to come up with strategies to address it, and start prioritising the ideas for 2024. There will be a playbook somewhere for this too!

If you have the time and money, it’s great to get someone in to facilitate these sessions. An unbiased outsider, so that you can all fully participate and don’t have to worry about facilitating. You can outsource this, OR why not ask someone in another business unit to do it? It’s a great way to build relationships across the business, and even add some diversity of thought to your ideas.

We actually run a TA Kick Off session with the whole team at the start of each year to get them involved with some of the high level strategic thinking. It’s always a really nice way to take time out to bond together, and get to know each other’s goals and aspirations for the year. I highly recommend.

Anyway, in the spirit of retrospectives and forward planning … here is this week’s TWIT with resources for you to explore 🙂 Good luck and see y’all in the New Year!

Indeed Reveals Strategies to Navigate Hiring in 2024

It’s important for us to take into account all of the factors that are affecting the job market, such as the aging workforce, the rise of artificial intelligence, and the changing demands of job seekers. Consider how you can incorporate all of these into your 2024 talent strategies.

How to implement an agile recruitment strategy in 4 easy steps

Working Agile is my jam – emphasising collaboration, flexibility and continuous improvement is something we should all be doing. I really want to lean into this in 2024, and incorporate our hiring managers into the world of sprints, after parties and retro’s.

Will 2024 be the year of innovative talent acquisition strategies?

How will you embrace AI in your talent strategy, and lean into the world of automation? How will you prioritise mobile-first application processes? Will you use talent intelligence tools to assess the market and open up non-traditional pathways for candidates? Will you include organisation alumni and the voice of current employees to amplify and advocate? Much to ponder …

The Complete Guide to Job Simulations

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a THOUSAND times … let’s get rid of behavioural interviews once and for all, and use job simulations and case studies to assess candidate skill and potential instead. WHO’S WITH ME?!

How to use ChatGPT in Recruitment [12 sample use cases]

I mean … if you’re not using ChatGPT or Bard to help you with recruitment stuff, what the heck are ya doin’?!

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