This Week in Talent (14th April)

Hi again,

It’s chocolate week! The week before Easter where chocolate and hot cross buns are being shoved down our throats by our friends and family … and our own damn hands. I am a self confessed hot cross bun addict – with lashings of butter. LASHINGS!

I was having a conversation with someone in my team today about whether it’s appropriate to advertise a role over the Easter long weekend or not. On one hand, I can see how an understaffed hiring manager might be pushing to get the advert up, however I do think it’s appropriate to suggest an alternative with data to back it up.

My advice was to wait until after Easter to post the advert (to get the best bang for your buck), but start having conversations with suitable applicants now! In anticipation of push back, I also suggested getting some data on applicant rates over previous Easter long weekends – and to reach out to Seek for further data if needed.

This might seem like I’m telling you all how to suck eggs, but sometimes if you know what you’re saying is right but you find people aren’t listening … pull some data to help get your point over the line. If they still won’t listen, then … that’s their problem.

When in doubt – use data! Even if you’re not in doubt, always use data anyway to make yourself look like an absolute gosh darn talent GENIUS. That’s my motto. I’m crap at maths (like … really crap), but OH BOY do I love data.

That’s just some cheeky talent life advice for you that you definitely didn’t ask for but hopefully find useful? I hope you all have something absolutely divine planned for the long weekend. I have 5 comedy shows to go to (#MelbComedyFest WHOOP) and a whole lotta relaxing on the cards.

On a side note … don’t forget to get some tickets to  TA Brew  at the end of the month at the Bodriggy Brewery, and have a play with us!

Flexibility makes us happier, with 3 clear trends emerging in post-pandemic hybrid work

“I love a rigid, inflexible work environment” said no one ever! Trololol. But for reals – flexibility is the key to a happy and health workforce. The stats don’t lie!

The Digital Picnic’s Culture Deck

THIS IS SUCH A GREAT IDEA! TDP has been on a massive recruitment drive recently, and they created this culture slide deck for candidates to get a feel for the company vibe. Of course, they have now shared it with the world because that’s what they do and … I’m not ashamed to say I will probably be taking this idea and implementing it at my workplace too! TDP – always the leaders of the pack.

Anatomy of Work 2022 Survey

Asana recently surveyed over 10k global employees to learn what is and isn’t working in their organisations currently. The results are really interesting, but not surprising. For eg … white collar workers spend more than half their workdays doing “work coordination” like scheduling meetings and replying to emails. Shock horror!

Dear Manager, You’re Holding Too Many Meetings

A great article, and reminder that back to back meetings all day is not an effective use of time. I cancelled our weekly team meeting yesterday because it’s a short week and we didn’t have that much to talk about … it’s also totally okay to cancel meetings if they aren’t necessary or if they could be an email!

PwC discloses staff, partner pay ranges to help recruit, retain talent

Always put salary details in your adverts. Always. Don’t waste people’s time! PWC have just disclosed their salary ranges in an attempt to be more transparent with their current staff and attract candidates to apply. I work for the government where salaries are available to the public (a cheeky Google search and you’ll find them). If we can do it, you can do it too!

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