This Week in Talent (13th January)

This Week in Talent - 13 January

HI HELLO HEYYYYYY! It’s the year 2022 and the ‘This Week In Talent’ (TWIT) segment is kicking off again. WELCOME BACK! You’re feeling rested, rejuvenated, relaxed and READY to take on whatever this new year throws at us (which … so far, is looking similar to last year. Yikes). 

Jody Smith
Jody Smith

My golly gosh I had a good 3 weeks off, although it took me the entire first week of leave to actually switch off. I finished my last day of work at 9pm, and literally face planted onto the couch. 2021 was a YEAR! Whilst on leave, I couldn’t stop my brain from bouncing back to work thoughts/feelings, and it really made me realise the need to take more breaks and “unwind” moments throughout the working day/week/year to ensure that I can better serve others. I ended 2021 a grumpy, short-tempered hot mess … which is not ideal. And … when I think back, it really was all my own doing. I have a bad habit of just getting my head down, bum up and getting the work done without thinking about anyone’s feelings … not even my own!

This year I simply REFUSE to end the year the same way I ended 2021. I won’t have it, I tell you! I have reworked my 2022 goals a little bit and added in way more self-care moments. Self-care looks different to everyone, but for me – it’s things like ensuring I prioritise meditation and movement, creating work/life boundaries whilst working from home, a flippin’ awesome morning (wind up) and bedtime (wind down) routine, up-skilling and learning new things, attending TA events and building my network, and a whole swag of other things.

One goal I have that I’ll share with you … is that I’ve decided to properly get dressed for work everyday. That’s right … I’m out of the trackie dacks/PJ’s, and into a comfy dress or a denim shorts/tee situation. I’m even wearing shoes as I write this. Weird, but it makes me feel more prepared for the day mentally? Not sure why.

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Via Giphy

Self-care will be more important this year than ever before – we’ve jumped straight back into another tough year recruitment-wise, and we literally won’t be able to deliver 100% unless we’re looking after our physical, spiritual and emotional health! Knowing that I’m doing this for myself this year means that I’m actually looking forward to the challenges 2022 brings (yikes … I must be well-rested. 2021 Jody would not have said the same thing).

Self-care act #1 – schedule in coffee and TWIT reading time every Thursday morning 😉

Looking forward to sharing some recruitment moments with you this year, and hearing all about yours <3

This CEO pays new employees $5,000 to quit

This is so interesting, but like … in this environment would you really be offering people such a large chunk of money to quit? What if you’ve got someone who is broke, that really can’t afford to say no to $5,000 but also wants to stay with the company? Would you end up with a bunch of rich people working for you that CAN say no to $5,000? So many questions …

Employee Dating App Encouraging Office Romances

I don’t see any HR issues arising out of this at all. Nope. Solid idea. How can we make this a thing ASAP? (Not for me though, cause I have a boyfie already obviously).

Happy New Year! Recruiting and retaining employees in 2022 won’t get any easier


Coles, Westpac, AMP and Department of Defence caught up in ‘significant’ data breach of Finite Recruitment

Ohhhh wow – this sucks! Really shows the importance of data security, and the massive impact a breach can have. My heart goes out to Finite!

Latest job ads data shows plenty of vacancies in regions but no workers to fill them

Interesting data and stories here regarding regional NSW towns struggling to fill their vacancies.

Why following through on your DEI initiative is non-negotiable

We love a bit of Aubrey Blanche around here – she is a champion in the DEI space. Here she speaks to DEI initiatives, and the massive effect they can have on attracting candidates for your business. Good people want to work with people who do good.

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