This Week in Talent (12 Mar)

This week we have a tutorial to help you create a location heat map for candidates, 20 free options for you to advertise your job ads, top six employer branding stats for 2020, and more!

Talent mapping: Create a location heat map for candidates

A step-by-step tutorial to help you map your Talent, wherever they are. It is also free and you won’t need any fancy tools or software, only Excel and your brain. Check it out.

Top 6 employer branding statistics for 2020

These six employer branding stats will impact how you hire – whether you are ready or not. Find out what they are.

Free job advertising Australia

Everyone loves a freebie – right? Here are 20 options for you to choose from to get that job ad up on the internet, no fee required.

96 percent of tech employees don’t believe recruiters are best at evaluating candidates

The key reason, according to the report, is experience. Recruiters are believed to be less qualified to assess candidates’ capabilities since many do not have actual tech backgrounds. So who is best at evaluating prospects then? Click to find out.

LinkedIn makes job interviews virtual over coronavirus scare

It seems like the sensible thing to do, but we thought that would worry some less tech-savvy candidates. What do you think?

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