This Week in Talent (27 May)

Note from The Editor

Wheeeeeee it’s the week of ATC’s 10 Days of Talent!

Well … by the time this newsletter reaches your inbox it will be halfway through the 3rd day of our main talent conference. If you missed out on tickets to the 3 day event, but want to come along to other smaller events across the 10 days there’s still plenty of time to get tickets! There’s heaps of fun and reasonably priced smaller events happening over the 10 days, so go and check them out here.

In other news – I put a call out to my LinkedIn network the other day around reward and recognition programs, and what companies are doing these days to reward and recognise their staff. I had some interesting responses … you can find the conversation here and please do feel free to contribute. I love to know what other companies are doing, and get a bit of FOMO (in a good way). FOMO leads to ideas and action, and it can sometimes be the thing that gets your funky new idea across the line.

Happy ATC week and hopefully see you all in person at a Melbourne event soon! If you’re in one of the states around Aus – enjoy your in-person drinky poo’s!

Your Job Search Starts Before You Think it Does

Michael Lambert is a leader in the IT space in Melbourne, and often gets approached by recruiters about gigs/jobs/events. Instead of ghosting them, or telling them to bugger off – Michael instead approaches it a different way. As a recruiter myself, I found this really refreshing and lovely.

Taika Waititi’s Unteach Racism Story

He’s at it again – creating heart wrenching, loveable short videos that get you thinking “what can I do better”? A must-watch.

7 Ways A Hybrid Model Could Fail (and how to avoid them)

A handy write up of all the ways your hybrid work model could be a flop, and what best to do about it. I found this really useful for me as a leader – it’s not only about changing our policies and processes to suit hybrid working, but also changing our thought process and expectations behind it. The ol’ 9-5 is dead, people!

Why Do People Say the Gender Wage Gap Is A Myth?

Do you ever wish you had a great comeback for people that tell you that the gender wage gap doesn’t exist? Well look no further. I’m a huge fan of Clementine Ford’s work, and I avidly tune in every Friday night to watch her ‘Friday Night Bites’ Q&A style segment. In her latest FNB someone asked why people still say the gender wage gap is a myth, and oh boy her response is on point. Clem gives you all the ammo (facts and statistics) you need to put any naysayers back in their place at your next family gathering.

Rubberband – a support network for the talent acquisition industry

The wonderful Edan Haddock has created a support network for TA people! I feel like this couldn’t have come at a better time – with the market the way it is and expectations from our hiring managers at an all time high, the pressure is ON to find strong talent in as short a time as possible. If you have Facebook I highly recommend signing up to this group and getting amongst the conversation – it’s very cathartic.

Why Having Friends of Different Ages Matters – And How It Can Impact An Ageist Society

Not Quite Recruitment (NQR) this week – I read this adorable article on the life-enriching benefits of having friends from all different age groups – it helps build empathy and community, and there is so much you can learn off each other. A must read for anyone that wants to expand their social circle.

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