This Week in Talent (17 June)

Jody Smith
Jody Smith

This week in talent … brought to you by lots of beers, food and happiness because we’re allowed to socialise with our friends at the pub again (Melbourne) YAAASSSS! Oh the joy. My cup is almost full again after 3 weeks of lockdown. I’m hoping to completely fill it up by the end of this next weekend, then I’ll be back operating as per normal.

So something awful I discovered about myself over the long weekend … I’m addicted to TikTok. On Sunday night my boyfriend timed how long I was on TikTok for (without my knowledge) then smugly told me I was on there for 1.5 hours. Literally just sitting on the couch, scrolling through 90 minutes worth of 15 second videos. I’m horrified at myself, but I can’t STOP. It’s so ADDICTIVE. The videos just keep coming and coming – there’s never ending videos. Whenever you refresh your screen you’re presented with a whole bunch of new content, and the algorithm is slowly starting to tailor itself to what I like. Every video is more entertaining than the last one.

TikTok is all the rage for recruiters at the moment, but I don’t use it for work. I use it to watch videos of people dancing, people cooking delicious noodle recipes, house cleaning tips and tricks, AND (my personal favourite) … Dr Pimple Popper’s pimple popping videos. My posture hates me right now. On that note … I’m going to share more TikTok’s in the ‘This Week In Talent’ segment I think. It will give me a good excuse to keep trawling.

I’m about to start listening to a podcast that was recommended to me called ‘The Anxious Overachiever’ – I’m starting tomorrow, and if it’s any good I will report back. The title of it sounds right up my anxious alley trololol.

I hope everyone has a great week, and enjoys this week in talent 🙂

The inherent sexism in our paid parental leave scheme

What are your thoughts on paid parental leave here in Aus? Executive recruiter, Laura Grierson, shares her thoughts after experiencing the double standards in the way the scheme has been established.

Workplace Harassment in the Age of Remote Work

Some people thought that workplace harassment would be reduced when everyone was forced to start working remotely. Unfortunately, that is not the case … in some instances harassment has actually increased! Yuck!

Tony Ruth’s Equity Series

I found this series of graphics last week, and had to share – although some people may have seen them around. They’re available for you to download, and perfectly explain what inequality, equality, equity and justice mean!

A curated list of the best business, design, and organisational change toolboxes built by some of the most influential companies, institutions and thinkers

Yep you read that correctly. A library of resources that cover a bunch of different subjects from Human Centred Design through to anti-racism resources and guides. One of my favourites (so far) is Gitlab’s Guide To Remote Work. There’s SO MANY. Where do I start? I’m going to block some time out in my calendar later this month to go through them all. *Droooools in talent*

Monster, one of the first job boards, plans a roaring comeback

Wow remember Monster? It’s coming back, baby! They’ve got a new CEO and a new game plan. Reading this article has made me excited to see what they have to offer.

Microsoft Tops Fortune 500 Charts For Diversity and Inclusion

Yeeeeeah Microsoft, you gooooo Microsoft! FYI you can see the full Fortune 500 list here.

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