The Science of Talent Attraction: Understanding What Makes People Click

While the HR industry has traditionally believed most employed candidates are “passive” and not actively looking for jobs, new research suggests this notion is a myth. A new study from Indeed found 90% of people hired in the past year took an action to find their current job, and 58% of people look at new jobs every month.
We invite you to join Chris McDonald, Managing Director for Indeed Australia and New Zealand and a panel of experts as they explains what these findings mean for recruiting active and passive candidates, and why the old myths about recruiting no longer apply.
Over the next three months, Chris will be travelling the country talking to recruitment leaders about what modern candidates want in the talent market of today. He will share this learning and key data in three webinars hosted with three global talent leaders.
The first of these webinars will be with recruiting, technology and culture branding expert Bill Boorman who will discuss what influences employed people to change jobs,, why the majority of candidates actively seek new opportunity and how this data can help you optimise your recruiting efforts.

Webinar Series:


The Science of Talent Attraction: Understanding What Makes People Click


Webinar 1 – What Influences And Motivates People To Change Jobs

What influences people to change jobs? Why do the majority of candidates actively seek opportunity?
Bill Boorman - Sml Banner

Webinar 2 – How Today’s Candidates Look For Jobs

What methods do active and qualified candidates use to find jobs? Does recruiting active candidates lead to better hires?
Todd Davis - Sml Banner

Webinar 3 – Future Proofing Your Strategy

How can you future proof your talent attraction strategy? How can you use data to optimise your online recruiting efforts?
Mike Balen - Sml Banner

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