Nurturing Talent from Within: The Power of Internal Mobility

In the past year, 16 of the 19 global industries LinkedIn analysed saw an increase in internal mobility via promotions and internal role transfers (Source: LinkedIn Global Talent Trends May 2023).

But, people are more open to leaving the organisation (over considering an internal move) if they don’t feel connected to the organisation.

Employees who feel connected are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs (96%) vs employees who feel disconnected (60%). Only 13% of connected employees expect to leave their current role within 12 months, and this answer nearly doubles for disconnected employees (24%) (Source: Enboarder).

Which begs the question: How do you build programs that help employees find purpose and build connections – with colleagues, and with the organisations values and goals – within the organisation?

A Look Behind the Curtain at REA Group’s Internal Mobility Strategy

The Talent Agility Team at REA Group are an award-winning team, and have created an impressive ‘’Understand, Shape, Grow’’ Strategy to ensure their talent are seen, nurtured and optimised.

In this discussion, Marina Murphy, Executive Manager – Organisational Development People & Culture at REA Group takes us through the phases and elements of their Strategy including:

  • End-to-end hiring process
  • How they use the Talent 9-box to determine different kinds of Talent
  • Talent Reviews & Succession Planning
  • Talent Retention Levers

This is a recording of a webinar discussion which was delivered in partnership with Enboarder, and took place on Thursday 29th June 2023. You can download the slides here.


  • Marina Murphy, Executive Manager – Organisational Development People & Culture @ REA Group.
  • Josh Debenham, Customer Success Team Leader @ Enboarder.
  • Jo Vohland, GM, Curator and Event Host @ ATC Events & Media.

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