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Simon Townsend

Principal Consultant, twelve2

DAY 1 3:05pm
How to do Market Mapping Right

Talent mapping is so much more than just identifying candidates in the market. It is a proactive approach used to determine future Talent needs based on TA that helps you identify potential skill and Talent shortages within your organisation. It is a plan that helps you bridge the gap between your organisation’s goals and the people they need to achieve them.

In this session, Simon and Martin Warren will guide you through time-tested approaches to market mapping that will provide you with a solid foundation that will enable you to market map your way to success.

DAY 2 3pm
Critical Elements in a Reliable Sourcing Strategy

If you want to find the perfect candidate, you need to spend time understanding who that is.

Join us for a conversation about the dos, don’ts, tips, tricks, and benefits of completing a solid intake session with your hiring managers, recruiters and sourcers.

Simon and Martin Warren in this session will be discussing the ins and outs of what makes a reliable sourcing strategy based on years of direct experience sourcing and hiring across multiple industries.

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About Simon

Simon is a Design Thinking professional who specialises in Human Capital. Focusing on the human element of innovation, he is a strong believer that everyone can help define and sculpt the future and he works to develop teams using tested Design Thinking techniques. With his eye on the long term future of business, Simon demystifies technological advances and social media strategies to provide simple-to-implement approaches to recruitment processes and talent sourcing.

In his time as Innovation Manager for Deloitte and Chief Innovation Officer APAC for Allegis Global Solutions, Simon honed his Design Thinking skills and he has trained one on one with Professors from Insead, Stanford and UC Berkeley. He is also a member of the Sydney Digital Disruption Research Group and spent 2 years assessing startups for inclusion in the TalentTech Labs incubator based out of New York. 

Simon is now Principal and Founder of twelve2 – a talent management consulting firm.

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