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Paul Jacobs

Creative Director, Jobgram

Showcase: Interactive Employer Brand Station

Come and check out our “CelEBration Station”!

Paul will show you how TikTok is humanising workplaces and providing people a glimpse of the team and culture behind the scenes. His co-host Agata will walk you through live examples of creative and effective Employer Brand and EVP assets from companies all over the world.

Take pictures and video, chat with experts and peers and be inspired!

Nominate the brand that you admire or enter your own company to be featured at the station. Every entry receives a chance to win a ticket to ATC2020.

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Paul is the always-curious creative lead at Jobgram, a recruitment marketing studio that exists to help employers stand up, stand out, and win the hearts and minds of jobseekers and employees. He works with employers across the globe to explore new frontiers in emerging media, consumer and user trends – with innovations like TikTok and employer branding, first-person point-of-view interactive video with built-in gamification (think Black Mirror Bandersnatch), augmented reality, animated job advertising, and – way back in 2009 – live-streaming Q&A on Facebook. In his spare time Paul challenges his mind and body by running marathons.

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