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Paul Jacobs

Creative Lead, Jobgram

DAY 2 11:15am
Candidate Experience Group Therapy

Why is candidate experience so hard?

We all work hard and try our best but many of us never seem to deliver a candidate experience that meets the benchmark.

Let’s share, let’s cry, let’s hold virtual hands and enjoy some therapy time on the couch with Paul.

Trust him, he once studied a few units of psychology at Uni. 😉

DAY 2 3pm:
TikTok and Employer Branding

At over 2 billion downloads, TikTok has shot to the top of the global app charts, with its latest surge amid the global COVID-19 pandemic.

TikTok is a growing hotbed of creativity – and we’re seeing an increasing number of workplaces and employees using the platform. It’s time to take notice when the world’s largest company, Walmart, is active and successful on TikTok, traditional organisations like the Washington Post are reaching new audiences, and Apple has launched its own verified account.

And it’s not just internationally; there are awesome examples closer to home in Australia and New Zealand.

Paul’s session will explore Employer Branding and recruitment examples, tips, potential risks, and benefits. Whether you fully embrace it, or just get a bit of inspiration, this session will be invaluable for all in-house Talent Acquisition professionals looking to expand their toolbox.

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About Paul

Paul is the always-curious creative lead at Jobgram, a recruitment marketing studio that exists to help employers stand up, stand out, and win the hearts and minds of jobseekers and employees. He works with employers across the globe to explore new frontiers in emerging media, consumer and user trends – with innovations like TikTok and employer branding, first-person point-of-view interactive video with built-in gamification (think Black Mirror Bandersnatch), augmented reality, animated job advertising, and – way back in 2009 – live-streaming Q&A on Facebook. In his spare time Paul challenges his mind and body by running marathons.

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