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Maisie Farmer

Head of Talent Acquisition - SICS, Downer Group

Developing a Talent Board; Uniting People and Business Functions for Strategic Input and Collaboration

For many organisations, the line between Talent Acquisition, Workforce Planning, Mobility and Talent Management are increasingly blurring, meaning that we must shift from siloed cooperation to harmonised collaboration. To accomplish this, Downer Group have developed an internal ‘Talent Board’ made up of people from across the organisation all focused and pointing the same direction. Maisie will share how it was developed, their remit, cadence, challenges, and outcomes.

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About Maisie

Maisie is a seasoned leader, with a career spanning Management Consulting and Professional Services, including over a decade with Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Presently, as the Head of Talent Acquisition within Downer Group, specifically focused on the Social Infrastructure and Citizen Services line of business, Maisie oversees Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning for five distinct business units and a workforce of 12,000 employees.

Maisie’s leadership style, characterised by passion and a servant-hearted approach, leads her to prefer being acknowledged as a “Coach” rather than a conventional manager. A strong advocate for Inclusion and Belonging, she diligently cultivates a positive, inclusive, and supportive work environment. Her focus on nurturing employee growth, development, and engagement fosters a harmonious convergence of professional progress.

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