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Grant Meyer

Managing Director, APAC, Modern Hire


Lorraine Riddoch,
General Manager of Talent & Workforce Acquisition at Australian Unity with Grant Meyer, Modern Hire’s APAC Managing Director

How Australian Unity balanced their hiring process for Efficiency, Effectiveness, Ethics, and Experiences

Automating systems can relieve many burdens from a Hiring Team but can fail to deliver enriching experiences.

What is fast, may not be ethical, or even effective. Australian Unity sought to balance their Hiring Process for all four areas – Experiences, Ethics, Efficiency and Effectiveness.

They are able to easily scale as the market moves and rely on trustworthy data but also be true to their core values and needs. Hear about their journey and ask your questions to both Lorraine and Grant in this informative session.

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About Grant

Grant Meyer has over 20 years’ experience in both the corporate and consulting environments in a number of countries including Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Grant has held a variety of General Management, Consulting Psychologist, and Assessment Specialist roles in a number of organisations during his career. He has led the delivery of client implementations and provided ongoing professional services and account management support to client organisations while combining thought leadership with practical solutions to help clients resolve their hiring challenges.

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