2020 State of Talent Acquisition Survey Report

2020 – the year that was supposed embark us on a new decade of total Talent strategy, transformation, automation and human-centred experiences.

Instead, a once-in-a-lifetime health crisis and the flow-on economic effects have tested Talent Acquisition (TA) and HR teams. Through the mix of vulnerability and uncertainty, many have risen to the challenge with integrity, resilience and creativity.

Will we continue to change in 2021 for the better or is it going to be a reversal back to old conventions? What our Talent teams now look like, how each has changed and coped, and what the key focusses are as we enter 2021?

To find out, we surveyed 133 Talent teams and this report is the culmination of their responses. You will learn:

  • How Covid has impacted TA teams across Australasia;
  • What we have done well (and not done well);
  • Did candidate care slip during times of uncertainty;
  • What happened to diversity and inclusion;
  • How did our Talent tech hold up during the pandemic;
  • Top priorities for TA teams in the next 12 months.

Download to read the full report and learn more! Or if you prefer to watch a digital event of us unpacking this report, click here to watch the recording.

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