This Week in Talent (9 Jul)

This week we have a report on what 143 companies are saying about their employee referral programs, a framework for quality of hire, tips on how to create better data visualisations, and more!

Survey results: Here’s what 143 companies say is working for their employee referral program

For 85 percent of companies, employee referrals are an integral part of their recruiting strategy. Find out how your company compares in this Employee Referral Benchmark Study.

Enboarder State of Employee Experience Report

While managers and employees unanimously agree that the new remote working climate has made communication between them increasingly difficult, their reasons failed to match up. Find out why and what are the solutions to improvement. Must read.

Quality of Hire: A Framework to Define, Measure and Improve Your Most Critical Talent Metric

We have been talking about quality of hire for years but yet, we have no standard in the market for defining or measuring it. This report aims to clarify and help you create a formula for calculating so you can make better hiring decisions. Check it out.

Case Study: How Bunnings uses PredictiveHire’s AI to amplify great candidate experience

Every year, Bunnings receives thousands of applications for Customer Service roles. When every candidate is a customer, candidate experience matters.

How the coronavirus pandemic is changing the hiring process for good

Many companies are turning to virtual hiring solutions to enable them to rapidly and safely hire & rehire. Learn how HireVue is playing a key role in this.

HR’s digital transformation is happening

How does a digital-first recruitment team look like? What is required to get hiring “up to speed”? John Cooksey from Affinity Talent Platform shares more in this article.

Seven tips for how public servants can create better data visualisations

Written for public servants but relevant to the corporate environment as well. Excellent insights into bringing your data story to life. Click to learn more. Thanks friend-of-ATC Tony Wallace for the share.

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