This Week in Talent (4 Oct)

Yes we are over hump day and moving swiftly towards the weekend, yay! And to help ease you into the final part of the week, here are some good reads we’ve curated for you – a very useful report from Atlassian on how you can hire for diversity and what you can do to move the conversation onto the next level, a review on LinkedIn Talent Insights analytics solutions, a list of tools that will help automate your recruitment processes, and more!
Enjoy these musings!

LinkedIn Talent Insights gives you the real-time, accurate Talent data you need

Big news from LinkedIn – their Talent Insights analytics solution is now available for public consumption and it promises to be a powerful tool that you can add to your tech stack. Tim Sackett has written a review here. Have you tried the product? Let us know what you think.

From diversity & inclusion to balance & belonging

Aubrey Blanche believes it is important to move beyond diversity in order to continue making progress. In this report, she and her team at Atlassian share what what they’d gotten right and wrong during the past year and what we all can do to move the conversation along onto the next level. Check it out.

7 HR automation tools to build a successful recruitment process

Need more tools to help you recruit more efficiently? Here are more tools to help you recruit more efficiently. 🙂

‘No downside’: New Zealand company adopts four-day week after trial

This Auckland-based financial firm made headlines earlier this year when they decided to trial a four-day work week and now they are ready to make this arrangement permanent. Read on to find how they did it.

How lazy is your recruitment process?

If you are recruiting the same way as everyone else, you’re inevitably hiring average candidates says Kieran O’Neill, co-founder and CEO of fashion startup Thread. In this interview, he shares what hiring processes worked well for him and which didn’t. Read on to get some ideas.

3 things no one says about work-life balance

How can we maintain a good work-life balance? Doing yoga meditation? Going for holidays? Exercising? Eating right? Well there’s more, Maren Hogan shares the three often overlooked work-life balance factors that you should really look into.

Do you have any exciting news to share? Reach out and let us know!

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