This Week in Talent (29 Nov)

How does a People Analytics efficiency framework look like? What is a polymath and why do we need more of them in future? What are some of the coolest emerging company perks to watch for in 2019? All these and more.
Enjoy these musings!

When People Analytics grows up

Thomas Hedegaard Rasmussen reckons the growth of a People Analytics (PA) model is akin to different life stages of a human being – from a happy toddler, to a grumpy teenager, to a mature team. What stage are you on and what should you be looking out for during each stage? Must read if you are working with PA.

Why the world needs deep generalists, not specialists

Excellent article reminding us that our reverence for one-track specialisation will soon come to an end. Food for thought for us, working in Talent Acquisition? Excellent read.

15 coolest emerging company perks to watch for in 2019

While we are at it, can we get student-loan debt reimbursement, hangover day offs, a concierge service to help with our daily chores too? What else do you reckon we need?

This AI outperformed 20 corporate lawyers at legal work

A legal tech start-up challenged 20 experienced lawyers to a battle royale against their AI-powered algorithm and guess what, the humans got totally smashed. Is that any surprise at all? What other jobs are at risk? Check out this report.

Hays Australia & New Zealand Diversity & Inclusion Report 2018/19

Our friends at Hays surveyed over 1,000 working professionals across ANZ to learn more about their D&I experiences and how their leaders manage these issues in their workplaces. Interesting results revealing how respondents are responding to these situations. Useful report to share with your leaders if you are getting your D&I policies up and going.

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