This Week in Talent (23 May)

This week we find out if automation can help us reduce stress, why candidates are turning down your job offers, the latest merger in the TA vendor space, and more!
Enjoy these musings!

Muslim workers at Amazon say they were scared to pray for fear of being fired

This just sounds so wrong, by all accounts, even though Amazon claimed diversity and inclusion to be central to their business. Only time will tell if this is true we think.

Why candidates are turning down your job offers

How many candidates have turned you down this year? How can you get better? Tracking your offer acceptance rate might be a good start. Have a read here to see what else you can do to lower the chances of another heartbreak.

Can automation reduce employee stress?

We need more automation in our lives people. Research from this report claims that employees are becoming less stress at work with the assistance from technologies like automation and AI. It’s time to bring on the chat bots.

ANZ launches loyalty leave

It seems fashionable to follow the international trend where organisations offer greater workplace flexibility to better engage their staff and attract Talent. Could more organisations do the same? Perhaps. But will they? Remains to be seen.

Montage, Shaker merge to create new platform

Two of our favourite pieces of technologies are now one and we can’t wait to see how they will combine to create an even more intelligent Talent Acquisition process for us. One to keep an eye on.

Best recruitment agencies in Sydney

Looking to partner with an external agency? Here are some to consider. 🙂

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