This Week in Talent (21 May)

Are you trying to create a virtual onboarding program? We have just the resource for you this week. Also, we have strategies on how you can set yourself up to become a solid Talent advisor (not recruiter) for your organisation, sample questions for you to include in your post-interview candidate experience survey, and more!

Hiring is an act of leadership

What separates good hiring leadership from bad? Talent leader Nina Pollard shares the three things you can do to deliver great hiring results. Excellent read.

Why Talent Acquisition teams can’t freeze when hiring does

“Know that the future is now. This too shall pass – and when it does, you will want to be ready”. Some great strategies in this article that you can adopt to set yourself up to become a solid Talent advisor for your organisation.

The Fosway Group 9-Grid™ report for TA tech  

Thanks friend of ATC Gareth Flynn for this share and big shout out to Enboarder, Firstbird and Candidate.ID for making it onto the “grid” – great to see them doing well on the European stage. They will also be participating in the ATC2020 DIGITAL next month, perfect opportunity to check them out and learn what they can do to help you hire better! Tickets still available.

Candidate experience survey questions

A practical post by the folks from Workable with some excellent examples of questions you can include in your post-interview candidate experience survey. Very useful.

7 steps to creating a virtual employee onboarding program

Another practical post – this one by the folks from LinkedIn. They spent three days working with local and global teams overhauling one of their department’s onboarding process and developed a weeklong virtual program for their new hires. If you are struggling to create a virtual onboarding program, this is an article you should check out.

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