This Week in Talent (19th January)

Welcome to the first TWIT of the year that is 2024. WHAAAATTTTT?!

Bloody hell – where did the holidays go? Mine is but a distant memory, a haze of fun and relaxing times. But now we’re back to the reality of WORK so we can have more holidays.

What are your goals for the year? I have a mix of personal and professional ones, but my biggest goal is to make the most of my free time and experience new things. Not save all the chores for the weekend, but to go and do stuff that feeds my brain. Work is a means to making that happen, and exploring everything the world has to offer.

A bit soppy, but … YOLO!

I’ve been back at work for a week, and I’m seeing lots of talk about how this year will look … quieter from a recruitment perspective. That doesn’t mean there aren’t needs within a business, but it does mean that the way we have filled vacancies will look different to how it has in the past. Pivoting your service offering to a talent advisory, rather than pure acquisition, will almost be a necessity.

Something else I’m seeing is a potential trend away from candidate care – with smaller TA teams, less time, less capacity, and burn out … sometimes candidate care is the last thing on people’s minds. Hence why it should be your priority, because it will see you stand out against the others and is a true reflection on your EVP. Make sure you include ‘amping up your candidate care’ as part of your 2024 strategy.

THIS YEAR HAS SO MUCH POTENTIAL, and I’m ready to harness it up and have the best year yet. WOO HOO!

Anyway, enough of my toxic positivity – here is this week’s Talent related read recommendations for you …

Interviewer’s Cheat Sheet

I saw this in Hung Lee’s Recruiting Brainfood, and lord KNOWS I love a cheat sheet for anything – so here we are. Simple, effective, recruitment 101.

5 Benefits That Will Rule 2024

Some solid predications here, particularly around preventative healthcare and mandated vacation time for employees. With a focus on health and wellness, this isn’t surprising (and in fact would ease the financial burden for a lot of people).

Recruitment Video Hub

This is a year old, but I stumbled across this video hub and thought there were some great little bits of bite-sized learning in here for all types of recruiters.

Nurturing growth: Strategies for enhancing workplace learning and retention

Creating a strong workplace learning culture is beneficial for increasing employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity (uhhh duhhhh). This article has some strategies and action points for leaders to implement and foster this type of learning culture.

The Power of Intentional Networking

If you haven’t included ‘network building’ in your 2024 goals, then what the heck are you even DOING?! Everyone has unintential networks of people in their lives, but it’s important to (at some point) be more intentional about it and strategically build a network for yourself (quality of connections over quantity).

The new candidate coaching tool helping to improve CX


You may already have heard of Getmee and their new product Interview Ready (i.e., the team that won the ATC2023 Innovation Lab), but if you haven’t give this one a read. There’s plenty of benefits to be had – both for your candidates and your organisation – by helping job applicants practice their conversational English before a job interview.

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