This Week in Talent (19 Sep)

This week we learn about the skill of the future, find out how we can use people science to develop our EVP, understand what it means to run a great TA/HR function, and more!

Using people science to develop your EVP

Asking this one question can set you up for using people analytics to help you create your EVP. A scientific and measurable way for doing this rather than relying on values and beliefs. Click to find out more.

Being ‘indistractable’ will be the skill of the future

We need to learn how to manage our distractions, as technology becomes more pervasive and persuasive, so that we can become more productive. A trait we should be looking out for in our candidates too. Have a read.

These are the 10 best employee perks for attracting (and retaining) Talent

Perhaps unsurprisingly, “flexible schedules” is first on the list given how remote/flexible working has been a rising trend in recent times. Worth the read and for some good ideas.

Getting to the heart of HR

We need to get better at valuing our people, but how? Good reminders in this excellent article by Sonia Tammaro. You should check it out.

Changes announced, today, to accredited employer scheme

Immigration New Zealand has announced significant changes to the accredited employer scheme. Read more here.

LinkedIn rolls out ‘Find an Expert’ feature to help you find Talent

This handy feature allows you to quickly ask both your network and the larger LinkedIn community for referrals on who can help you get the job done. Go ahead try it out.

Big scoop: Australia’s first robot-operated ice-cream shop opens in Melbourne

Would you eat ice-cream served by a robot? We thought it loses a bit of the fun and interaction we get when served by humans. Let us know what you think.

Do you have any exciting news to share? Reach out and let us know!

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