This Week in Talent (18 Jul)

Here’s what we found for you this week – a comprehensive discussion paper on ethics and framework for using AI in Australia, an excellent recap by a first-time attendee at the ATC2019, strategies on how you can demonstrate the value of effective recruitment to your hiring managers, and more!
Enjoy these musings!

Australia’s ethics framework on AI

An excellent discussion (and detailed) paper produced by Data61 as we begin to see some standards put around the use of AI technologies here in Australia. If you have limited time, we suggest you check out the core principles for using AI on page 8 – good stuff.

Explaining the importance of recruitment to non-HR stakeholders

This can get frustrating, isn’t it? Check out some of these strategies on how you can make the process easier for you and your hiring managers.

‘Inclusion’​ – The flavour of the month? Or the best thing since sliced bread?

Author Prashan Wijeyewickrema notices an obsession over numbers and hiring quotas in many Australian organisations, instead of focusing on truly promoting a culture of inclusion and diversity. What do you think? We would love to hear if you are doing something different, let us know in the comments below!

My highlights from the Australasian Talent Conference (ATC) in Sydney last month.

Great recap from NKOTB (new kid on the block), Andrew Perrett, sharing his first-time experience and the TA lessons he learned at the recent ATC2019 – check it out.

Just be nice – It’s not that hard.

“If the only time we are nice is when it is convenient or feels good, then we will miss a lot of opportunities to actively and positively interact with the world,” says Josh Jones. Good article, read and be inspired.

Do you have any exciting news to share? Reach out and let us know!

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