This Week in Talent (15 Aug)

Here’s what we got for you this week – news on SBS placing recruiters overseas to hire Talent (whatever happened to using technology?), how we can use emotional intelligence to become successful at work, speedy ways to help you new hires acclimatise to your company, and more!

Australia wants you: Recruiters sent overseas to sign up 5,000 best and brightest

The first question that came to mind was why are we doing this? Isn’t technology (i.e. video interviews, online job boards, search tools such as Hiretual) supposed to solve the issue of hiring across distance? This feels like going back to the 90s, what do you think?

9 ways you should use emotional intelligence at work

The rise of AI is making emotional intelligence (EQ) at work more important. But having a high EQ won’t help you be successful if you don’t know how to use it properly. Read this excellent article to learn more.

Shock of the new

The future of work is as unpredictable as it is for a long time. This report gathers the thoughts of 10 business leaders discussing the promise of automation, AI and gig economy. One thing stood out for us – we are woefully under prepared to deal with the challenges that lie ahead. Have a read and ponder.

3 speedy ways to get your new hire acclimated to your company’s culture

We have all been in this situation before – bright-eyed, fresh, trying to figure how everything works in a new work environment. How good is that if we had someone to show us the way? Read this excellent article to find out what we can do to give our new hires a lift.

Résumés are starting to look like Instagram—and sometimes even Tinder

Would you accept a resume with bitmojis? What is your take on this? Comment below to let us know!

Do you have any exciting news to share? Reach out and let us know!

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