This Week in Talent (13 Feb)

This week we have surprises from LinkedIn’s 2020 Global Talent Trends report, videos to help your hiring managers understand good vs. bad candidate experience, a practical guide for mid-level TA managers on how to motivate your people through change, and more!

LinkedIn revealed the results of its 2020 Global Talent Trends report and there are some big surprises

LinkedIn’s annual report on the four key trends affecting the way we attract and retain Talent today. Must read for everyone.

Video: Candidate experience – Good vs Bad

Does your hiring manager understand the difference between good and bad candidate experience? Check out these two videos and recommended guidance created by TA leader Daniel Harris and his team for conducting fair and inclusive interviews.

How to motivate your people through change

Here is a practical guide for all mid-level TA managers out there who are dealing with organisational change. How can you help your team overcome their fears when you have to play change agent and change recipient roles at the same time? Excellent resource.

ABC PM radio: ‘Not a cultural fit’ – recruiters tell PM it’s code for we went for someone a lot younger

Interesting revelation that could lead TA down a very slippery slope, if, somehow, it can be proven. Much to think about, click to listen the full interview.

Otto Berkes named chief executive officer of Acendre

Acendre, a global Talent tech company founded in Melbourne, Australia, has appointed highly regarded tech executive and Xbox co-founder, Otto Berkes, as their new CEO.

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