Stan Rolfe Joins the ATC Hub

I am delighted to announce that Stan Rolfe will be joining ATC Events team as Managing Editor. Stan will not be leaving Barminco, but will be taking on this role on a part-time basis. I will let Stan introduce himself.  I have always been knocked out by Stan’s creativity, quick wit, persistence and audacity.  He will make a great acquisition to our team and I look forward to his contribution. Let’s hope our editorial deadlines do NOT coincide with a West Coast Eagles Grand Final.
Secondly I’d like to give a big shout out to Lucy who’s moving on to start her own business.  I have been very fortunate to have worked with Lucy, and I am sure we will still get her to contribute to the ATCHub in the future. The ATC Team wishes her well in her future endeavours and looks forward to reading about her in the BRW Australia’s Richest Women. Thank you Lucy, for all that you have done over the past few years.
So over to Stan…
So many of the ATCHub subscribers may ask who the hell is Stan Rolfe aka Rolfey?  Or how did I come from working as a Bell Captain in a hotel, to designing a world’s first Virtual Reality preview of underground mining based on Oculus Rift to assess potential underground miners?
So here is my story…
Like many in the recruiting industry, I kind of fell into it. Think the movie ‘The Concierge’ starring Michael J Fox. It was Spring Carnival; I was living in Melbourne and working as a Bell Captain at the Sofitel hotel. I was becoming disenchanted with the hospitality industry, tired of the ‘yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir’ crap, and the pocket change pay. I noticed a guest, a regular of the hotel (sorry no names), well heeled, with tailored suits, and a head of hair the late great Richie Benaud would have been jealous of. He would have been in his 70’s, and always accompanied by a very attractive 20 something personal assistant. He owned a well-known, rather large International recruitment agency. So one evening, I just had to ask, “Mr X, how does someone like me, with no qualifications, become a successful businessman like you?” The next day I met him in his office, and he offered me a job selling psych assessments.
From here, I ventured to Old Blighty in 2004, and started my career in Accounting & Finance recruitment on Chancery Lane. Whilst I was never the best cold caller, what became apparent was my knack for building relationships with clients. I thank my hospitality years for my engrained knowledge of customer service, and the ability to talk nonsense. Eventually I transferred back to Melbourne, and then back home to Perth. After 4 years with this agency I left for my first role in Internal. The words from my previous manager in London ‘you’d make a great internal recruiter’ rang loudly the day I got the job at SKM now Jacobs.
Three and a half years with SKM saw me go from Advisor, Team Lead, to Sourcing Manager. We were one of the first sourcing functions in Australia, one of the first adopters of LinkedIn Recruiter, and an early adopter of Social. This is where the itch to write began. I then worked for a couple of major construction contractors in WA before ending up with Barminco, where I am today as Resourcing Manager. Barminco is a leading hard rock underground mining contractor. One of my career highlights has been the opportunity with Barminco, to deploy virtual reality/simulation using Oculus Rift into the recruitment process. The purpose is to have candidates at interview opt out of the recruitment process, and reduce the turnover of new people to underground mining.
Sometime between SKM and Barminco, I created my own blog ‘The Recruitment Percolator’ and began blogging. Why do I blog? I’m a chronic over sharer and try to be a little more OG (Original Gangsta for those of you not in the know). So that’s a bit about my professional stuff.
Personally, I am a dad of two young boys. They consume my social feed, keep me busy and energise me with laughter and happiness. I don’t wear budgie smugglers (just because you’re a dad it doesn’t give you the right). I am a mad supporter of the West Coast Eagle football team, and pretty much all things sport. I just can’t get enough spicy food, and when combined with seafood I’m in foodie heaven.

Mad Eagles Fan? Stan definitely qualifies.
Mad Eagles Fan? Stan definitely qualifies.

So what have I learnt in all these years?
If you don’t ask, you won’t know!
Customer Service is King. Candidate experience the latest buzz is just segmentation of customer service.
If you are an internal recruiter, get off your bum and go speak to your client. If you can’t do that, call them. Stop emailing the client sitting metres away from you.
Data is your friend. Be brave, use it, and be accountable.
Thanks for reading. If you have feedback or questions please feel free to reach out to me!
If you have a great idea for an article or would like to contribute, please, just ask and let’s chat.
I will ably be supported by two brilliant Digital Editors BK and Stephanie, these guys will backing me up on the content stakes. Welcome to BK and Stephanie!

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9 Responses to “Stan Rolfe Joins the ATC Hub”

  1. Melanie Gretgrix

    Awesome Stan! Love to read your stories! Cant wait to see you in action!

  2. Melanie Gretgrix

    Awesome Stan! Love to read your stories! Cant wait to see you in action!


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