Solving the Talent Acquisition Technology Mystery

As the Talent Acquisition technology market grows more competitive, it seems that the latest and greatest solutions get pushed at you from all sides, with flashy ad campaigns and slick marketing. When trying to cut through the noise, it can be difficult to see past the big promises and select the right solution to suit your needs. And with so many to choose from, only so many of the promises will come true, leaving some organizations feeling like they’ve been had.
Much like trying to find the way to your final destination with no map to guide you, finding the right Talent Acquisition technology can be tricky, but fortunately there are ways around the entanglement. However, to make it happen, you’ll need to don your detective cap to select the right solution to fit your needs.

Assess the situation

Consider your organization’s current state and future state goals, where your Talent Acquisition is now and where it needs to be 1, 3 or 5 years. Consider what your organization needs to do to attract and engage top talent while offering a positive candidate experience.


Consider the suspects

Candidate experience is a key ingredient in the talent acquisition process. That means you need to account for who you are hiring and how you will be connecting with these candidates. New platforms are being introduced at a rapid rate to help increase productivity for on the go management of talent acquisition efforts. Social, mobile and digital channels are all part of the equation, unlike 5 years ago, and can’t be ignored. Make sure to investigate how each will resonate with your audience and develop a strategy accordingly.

List the evidence

Take stock of what you already have and what you are looking to gain. Which features will be most beneficial to your organization? Have stakeholders from across your organization weigh in. Select 3-5 benefits that are an absolute must have and work through the market from there. This will ensure that your topline goals are met. After that is accomplished, you can move forward knowing that your basic needs will be met.

Go to trial

With a few solutions in mind, complete trials to become familiar with the technologies in action. This will ensure that a given solution works with any existing system, fits your processes and completes your overall Talent Acquisition strategy. If it doesn’t, try again. At this stage, it is important to take your time. Benefits may need to be reconsidered, processes rearranged and developing a change management plan may come into play.
Like any good mystery, selecting the right Talent Acquisition solution requires laying the groundwork and working through the details step by step. When in doubt, plot your path and stop to ask for help before continuing on.

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