A.I. Tech to Watch from the HR Technology Conference 2017

I’ve been to the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas a few times now but it still amazes me every time I attend.
The sprawling exhibition halls, the spectacular expo set up, the star-studded speaker line-up, the extensive programme, the mindboggling amount of HR technologies on show, the extravagant entertainment – I could go on forever.
With over 80 sessions and 400 exhibitors, HR Tech is a giant behemoth and it is impossible to see everything. During my four days at the conference, I reckon I’d managed to see only a quarter of what’s on show, and that’s after some careful itinerary planning on my part before I flew over.
So, between some of the more quixotic HR technologies on display and those that are more practical in a way that they’re able to solve immediate challenges for Talent Acquisition leaders, I thought I would share with you some of these bright ideas that I’ve discovered during my trip.
These technologies use artificial intelligence (A.I.) to enhance the recruitment process and they are, in my opinion, some of the best on display. Given that the theme for our next ATC is “Thriving with A.I.”, it seems pretty appropriate for us to take a closer a look at some of these technologies. Check them out and see if you can pick the common thread between them!
Do drop a comment below if you would like to find out more about any of these technologies. We might even bring some of them out to ATC2018 for a first-hand encounter with you if there’s strong interest – let me know!

Interviewee: Andrew Calderon
Product: Intrideo


Interviewee: Rob Long
Product: Workable


Interviewees: Mike Hargrove & Mark Baker
Product: Symphony Talent


Interviewee: Eyal Grayevsky
Product: Mya


Interviewee: Kayla Kozan
Product: Ideal


Interviewee: Leela Srinivasan
Product: Lever


Interviewee: Deepti Yenireddy
Product: My Ally

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