How Is Helping NASA Build The First Robot Astronaut

When it came to developing the first humanoid robot in space, and model all the tools it would need to be successful on the International Space Station, NASA went to find answers where we all do; on the internet.

Instead of engaging traditional design and modeling experts, hiring consultants or going to universities, NASA took the project to to leverage the brainpower of 16 million users in the online talent marketplace. This approach has allowed the organisation to find innovative solutions-like building cordless robot held drills and scanners- quickly, and often for less than $75 a pop.
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Do you know how your organisation could be using online talent platforms?
At this year’s Contingent Workforce Conference in Sydney, Joe Griston, Director of People & Talent at, will provide delegates with an overview of how NASA is leveraging the workforce of the future, and discuss how all organisations can make use of Freelancer type services to problem solve and resource small to large scale projects.
The recruitment and procurement delegates who have registered for this year’s event, know that building a highly skilled, motivated and flexible workforce is a distinct strategic advantage for any organisation. They seek to leverage technology and platforms that allow them access to brightest ideas and talent, in the most cost effective ways, whilst understanding and minimizing risk.
Whether you’re from the procurement or staffing side of the business, there are sessions that will support your business to be more successful in the contingent workforce space, including;

  • Keynote, Dean Tulloch, Senor Category Lead, IBM – Centralise Your Contingent Workforce Mode and Avoid Maverick Spend and Cowboy Activity
  • Suncorp, Stuart Elliott, Executive Manager, Workforce Strategy & Design – Does Your Culture Prevent You From Hiring The Optimum Resource?
  • Future of Talent Institute, Kevin Wheeler, Founder & Director – Looking Back On The Workforce of 2012, Looking Forward to The Workforce of 2022
  • Panel Session, Shane Little, Operations Director ANZ, Hays Talent Solutions and Susan Howse, GM Human Resources & ManpowerGroup Solutions, ManpowerGroup The Blended Workforce: Myth or Reality?


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