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Kevin Wheeler

Director & Founder, Future of Talent Institute


The Fearless Forecast: The New Now of Work + Possible Futures

The pandemic has driven massive change in thinking and practice. What was evolutionary is now revolutionary. What was far in the future is now.

Organisations, leadership, and recruiting have all had to adapt to a vastly different working ecosystem.  We’ll explore the key concerns:

  • Non-negotiables for the new ‘now of work’;
  • What are the levers that will keep us home and hybrid and allow this to continue long-term
  • Technology and processes to help us with borderless workforces and workplaces;
  • How recruiting functions be organised – if they exist at all?

Then hear Kevin’s long-range forecast on possible workforce futures, his own predictions for 2022 and beyond.

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About Kevin

Founder of the Future of Talent Institute, Co-Founder of ATC Events & Media, Speaker, Writer, Strategic Advisor, Former Global HR Leader and University Lecturer.

Kevin is one of the most prolific voices globally on Talent Acquisition helping today’s Leaders anticipate and navigate the numerous trends that will shape the Future of Work.

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