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Kevin Wheeler

Director & Founder, Future of Talent Institute

WORKSHOP – Making the Leap from Metrics to USEFUL Metrics

Recruitment is full of metrics that are usually time consuming to collect and not always valuable. We know that metrics are linked to accountability and so we measure things like activity, outputs, costs and outcomes. It keeps us accountable to an action and to completing a plan. High performing organisations use metrics that asks business related questions such as:

  • What is our intention?
  • What is our most appropriate response or action to achieve that intention?

So how can you pick out the most useful metrics and use them to improve decision-making for your Talent function?

In this workshop, we aim to:

  • Make the leap from metrics to useful metrics;
  • Better understand the rising field of Workforce Analytics;
  • Understand how to get started;
  • Brainstorm questions that analytics can answer in our business;
  • What skills/resources are needed to produce Workforce Analytics.
KEYNOTE – Fearless Forecast: Workforce 2020 and Beyond

Kevin’s Fearless Forecast at the end of the conference is an ATC institution and absolutely unmissable if you want to be prepared for upcoming industry disruptions in 2020 and beyond. His decades of industry experience pulls back the veil on whatever the future may hold

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About Kevin:

Kevin is one of the initiators of this event, a globally known speaker, author, teacher and consultant in human capital acquisition and development, as well as in corporate education. Kevin started his own company, Global Learning Resources in 1998 out of his passionate belief that organisations need a more powerful and thoughtful architecture for talent than they have. At Global Learning Resources, Kevin has worked with clients such as Sun Microsystems, Eli Lilly and PricewaterhouseCoopers to develop comprehensive talent acquisition processes and procedures.

After a 25 year career in corporate America serving as the Senior Vice President for Staffing and Workforce Development at the Charles Schwab Corporation, the Vice President of Human Resources for Alphatec Electronics, Inc. in Thailand, and in a variety of human resources roles at National Semiconductor Corporation, Kevin had firsthand knowledge of the need for better strategies and approaches to finding, developing and retaining people.

Kevin is also the author of numerous articles on human resource development, career development, recruiting, and on establishing corporate universities. He is a frequent speaker at conferences. He writes a weekly Internet column on recruiting and staffing, which can be found at, and pens a monthly column for Corporate University News magazine. He serves as adjunct faculty at San Jose State University, the University of San Francisco and on the business faculty at San Francisco State University.

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