Building a Cult Brand from the Inside Out

Most companies screen for skills and experience, then try – with very mixed results – to recruit for fit.  Cult Brands automatically screen for fit, so they can truly recruit for skills and potential.
This year at #ATC2015 we’re excited to bring you a half day workshop with Todd Wheatland, Recruitment Marketing Expert, and  Bill Boorman, all things Talent Acquisition and *Defender of Puppies, to share their knowledge and experience on how to turn your employment brand into a Cult Brand.
Todd WheatlandBill Boorman
-Learn the principals of modern marketing, publishing and social media, and how they can be best leveraged for employer branding and recruiting;
-Discover and apply the 7 core elements of a Cult Brand.
This promises to be both highly entertaining and instructional, as Todd and Bill explore a topic they are passionate about, and provide practical examples with case studies from AirNZ, Red Balloon, Hard Rock Café, the BBC, PwC, GE, Starbucks, IDEO, Rackspace, Caterpillar, WordPress, Netflix, Zappos and CERN.
This workshop is one of five, half-day workshops scheduled to run the day prior to our ATC2015.
Book now for your place at the ATC “Building a Cult Brand from the Inside Out” workshop.
* Refer to Bill Boorman’s unblog on EVP and Puppies

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