Trevor Vas Interviews Chris Hoyt @therecruiterguy

Trevor Vas (@trevorpvas), Director at ATC Events, and Chris Hoyt (@therecruiterguy), Partner at Partner at CareerXroads and former Talent Engagement & Marketing Leader for PepsiCo sat down to talk about the importance of collecting meaningful recruitment data, rise of analytics, and now rich data is helping target engagement with candidates.

Lessons from Chris Hoyt:


  • Organisations are taking recruitment data seriously and making this data, as well as competitive intelligence more accessible to their recruiters. This trend for analytics is only getting stronger.
  • Innovative new tools are putting meaningful, visual and easily digest reports into the hands of recruiters and business leaders. These have a far greater ability to elicit behavioral and organisational change than historical spreadsheets.
  • PepsiCo is using data from where their potential candidates are coming from, and their interests, to deliver customised content to engage their potential employees.

Watch the video interview or read the transcript below: 

TV: Chris, how are you enjoying ERE?
CH: It’s good, it’s good. Strong agenda this year.
TV: What’s been your most favourite session?
Chris: I think there was a great panel earlier with Elaine Orler from the Talent Function Group who talked about candidate experience. I thought that was pretty interesting.
TV: Fantastic. So what are the trends that you’re seeing in the US? What are sort of the main things that are outstanding from your perspective?
CH: That’s a good question. I think we’re seeing a lot of companies start to take recruitment data, recruiting data seriously, more seriously than before. I think it’s interesting that now there are companies that are making data, competitive intelligence, more accessible to recruiters. We’re also seeing some tools being built that actually putting meaningful reports and reports that are easy to digest in the hands of recruiters and leaders. I think that’s good and I think that will break the trend of historically- you know – spreadsheets, which are just columns and rows going to years, so I think that’s a nice trend to see.
TV: So do you think leaders, and recruitment leaders will be able to see and better manage their function and make them more productive as a result to this new information
CH: Yes I think so. I think getting out of these traditional spreadsheets puts us into a format that helps us change, and make decisions that change the business. Instead of sifting through columns and data and rows and rec detail, we’re actually able to get reports that are being crafted that are able to change behaviours. I think it’s being presented in a visual way which just makes it easier to have the conversation around what that challenge or what that KPI might be.
TV: From your own organisations perspective, Pepsi, what are some of the most exciting thing you see in terms of the futuristic things you’d like to do?
CH: Oh gosh! We’re doing some pretty neat stuff at PepsiCo in regards to data analytics, and sharing that and making it assessable to the broader TA audience and our employees. We’re also doing some pretty exciting stuff with regards to our career site. We’re moving away from responsive design and we’re doing what I like to call relevant design. So we’re actually taking into account, working towards taking into account, the candidate experience from a job site standpoint and the experience that they have when they’re visiting us. Making the content a little more relevant based on maybe where they came from. Making the content a little more relevant based on their own interests. So I think that’s gonna be a neat tread to watch over the next year or two.

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