4 Ingredients for the Perfect Employee Onboarding Process

Organisations usually look to improve their employee onboarding process for one of three reasons:

  • they’re providing a poor first impression for new candidates
  • their employees are never ready for day 1
  • it costs too much & takes too long to onboard a new employee

According to the review of 21st Century onboarding from Aberdeen you’ll solve a lot more than those three problems once you make the decision to kick your onboarding program into shape. A streamlined onboarding process leads to stronger employer branding, day 1 engagement, easier compliance and less human error.

  • A modern, candidate-focussed experience will help you keep your first-choice candidates.
  • Many candidates won’t accept an offer (or if they do accept, won’t stay longer than three months) if they have a poor onboarding experience.
  • You can’t be an ’employer of choice’ if you can’t manage your employee onboarding.

We see a lot of different onboarding processes from our customers, and, while there’s no one way to achieve all of this overnight, there are some definite trends amongst the best ones.
Check out the top 4 ingredients for the perfect employee onboarding process here.

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