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Trevor Vas

CEO, Human Capital Management Solutions

Real-Life Contingent Nightmares – and how to Avoid Them

Some of Australia’s biggest, best-known and wealthy brands have landed themselves in serious Contingent Workforce trouble. Companies with the highest compliance rate are, at most, only 92 percent compliant against Contingent labour policies.

In this session, Trevor, Sonia Tammaro and Nick Duggal will share some real life costly Contingent nightmares and the seven common scenarios that could find you on the wrong side of the law.

Crowdsource Journey Map

An interactive session where Trevor will share an eight-point framework used to benchmark a Contingent Workforce and you will be invited to plot your current state against your future desired state. Using the collective intelligence in the room, the advanced-state functions will the share with the room what they did to get there.

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About Trevor:

Trevor is a Director and Founder of the Australasian Talent Conference (ATC) and Human Capital Management Solutions. The ATC specialises in providing events on Sourcing & Engaging Candidates, Talent Management and the Contingent Workforce. Over the last 10 years the ATC has run over 40 major events in Australia & New Zealand. Trevor is also a subject matter in these areas and has provided consulting to major organisations in Australia and New Zealand. The conferences, training and consulting have gone a small way to improving how talent is recruited.

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