Revolutionising Recruitment Marketing

As we move further into 2015, more and more organisations are demonstrating the extraordinary initiatives they’re undertaking in the area of recruitment marketing.
Today on the hub we look at what Matt Jeffery and his award winning team at SAP are doing to pave the way for the employment branding function of the future.
If SAP’s journey has you inspired to try something new, Master Burnett believes you should start with honesty. We talked to Master on the strategy behind honest recruitment marketing, who is doing this well (and not so well) and why you don’t need the best culture to win the best talent.
PS. This is your last week to participate in our Cost-Per-Hire study. The survey takes less than 5 minutes and you’ll get access to the final report on how Australian organisations measure and use their CPH data. You can access the survey here.

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Matt Jeffery – Is SAP’s Internal Employment Branding Agency The Future Of Recruitment Marketing?
Lucy Fisher – Master Burnett – In Recruitment Marketing, Honesty Really Is The Best Policy

ATC Events is calling on HR professionals in Australia and New Zealand to participate in our 2015 study on Cost-Per-Hire. This study will look at how Acquisition Functions in our region  measure and report on their Cost-Per-Hire data, in relation to permanent hires. Information collected in the survey will be compiled into a report which we will share in June.

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