This Week in Talent Acquisition (15 Feb)

This week we are talking self fulfilling prophecies, future of recruiting in an A.I. world, the ingredients for recruiting success, responsibility for employee retention immediately post-hire, and more.
Enjoy this week’s issue people!

Employee Retention Should Be a Talent Acquisition Responsibility

Should TA be responsible for anything from 12-24 months post-hire? We’d love to hear what involvement TA has in retention at your organisation and for how long. Share your stories at

Recap: People Analytics and Future of Work 2018

When two of the biggest names in People Analytics – David Green and Al Adamson – hold a People Analytics event, you want to take notes!  For those that missed it, here’s a recap.

9 Ways AI Will Reshape Recruiting (and How You Can Prepare)

Is there a difference between A.I. that works with us, and A.I. that works for us? Yes, a significant one. Here’s 8 different ways both assisted A.I. and automation tools will change your workplace, workflow, and work style.

Stacy Zapar’s Secret Sauce: 9 Ingredients to Recruiting Success

Stacy talking about topics close to our heart – including one amazing interview readiness checklist (#5).

How To Scrape Data From Facebook Pages

This is where Sourcers and Employer Branding Managers can work together to scrape Facebook data from your own pages but also your competitors. This data can help you determine how to best engage your candidate audience and who is most interested in your content. Powerful stuff.

Predictive algorithms are no better at telling the future than a crystal ball

Are ‘predictive’ algorithms just leading us to self-fulfilling prophecies? Hat tip to our friend Tony Wallace @ EY for the share.

Australia’s leading companies and what they look for in graduates

The Australian Financial Review has undertaken its annual deep-dive into the Top 100 Graduate Employers for 2018 and has an extensive library of reports, op-eds, and data for you to peruse.

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