This Week in Talent (2nd June)

Howdy ho!

I hope everyone’s rugged up and staying warm – this weather is cray cray! I’m secretly loving it though. I love layering and winter fashion 😉 and pubs with fireplaces. 

For the regular TWIT readers, you’ll know that I’ve been trying something different with my recruiting recently.  I wanted to test myself to see if I cold create a process without a single behavioural question in it. YEP! Some of you reading this might be like “meh – that’s easy” … but I’ve worked in the Government for a long time, and behavioural interviewing has been conditioned into me as “the best predictor of future performance … is past performance” which we now know isn’t exactly true.

My process is a bit too long to include in your regular weekly TWIT wrap-up, so you can find it here. And as always, let me know your thoughts! How have you gone with your non-behavioural question based recruiting? Hit me up!

Macca’s to fill 5000 vacant positions in one day across Victoria

I heard about this on the radio last week, and was thinking … what a rad idea! One day where anyone can walk into McDonalds and have a quick 5 minute speed interview on the spot with a manager. Why not remove any and all barriers, and just get people in for a speed date/interview. Genius!

It’s time to tap into your secret recruitment weapon: your workforce

“If your company has 800 employees, your company has 800 recruiters.” HAHA! Love the positivity in this article. It was an interesting read though, on how to empower your current employees to be company/cultural ambassadors.

Your Office Is Open and the Liquor Is Flowing

Could having a bar in the office temp people back in to hang out with their colleagues? You all know how I feel about wine … so the answer from me is a resounding YES.

Should in-office workers be paid more?

I’ve seen this discussion topic flying around a lot recently, and it’s interesting one! I feel like I’m part of a school debate team, watching the ‘for’ and ‘against’ arguments from both sides.

5 Personality Tests You May Not Have Heard Of

Give them a crack! The ‘Dark Triad Test’ is particularly interesting to me …. mwahahahaha.

The New Era of Interviewing: Reducing Bias from Start to Finish


Hiring bias is a big — and potentially costly — challenge for organisations. Modern Hire’s new whitepaper explains how recent advances in HR tech offer new opportunities to identify where bias enters the hiring process and create targeted solutions.

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