This week in Talent (26th May)

Howdy partners!

WELL, what a week … what a weeeeeeeeeek! So much has happened, where do we start?

We have a new Federal Government! It almost feels surreal. I’m waiting to see what sort of changes are going to happen that might affect the talent community (hopefully in a good way).

My team is also finally a full complement. I just finished recruiting, and I have some absolute superstars that have just started within the team and one that is starting in a few weeks’ time. This is such a relief for me – now I can focus on other things rather than trying to lead and strategise whilst getting stuck in the weeds of BAU recruitment. I love recruitment, but it’s just not possible to do it all and not have a menty b.

Something I really enjoyed reading this week is this article about how new home design might change in the near ‘post-pandemic’ future. Multiple study nooks, a hidden room behind a bookshelf for quiet time, 1 bathroom per person, a nook for no-contact home delivery, a quarantine room … the list goes on. If you have a couple of cheeky million bazillion dollars and are looking into designing your new home … check it out!

Have a good week and stay #health and #zen!

Netflix Rewrites Culture Guidelines

This is really interesting, and no doubt comes off the back of employees uprising against shows/movies that Netflix has endorsed that have caused harm to the community. Netflix has now put a warning in its culture guidelines relating to the fact employees might have to work on titles that they find harmful, and… that just is what it is (basically). What are your thoughts on this?

Work begins on rebooting digital economy

With the change in government, people are calling for priority to be given to the massive tech/digital skills shortage happening across Australia.

New data reveals how far we have to go for Indigenous equality in the workplace

Australia’s biggest employers are failing to promote/employ First Nations staff in senior roles, and are struggling to address racism within the office. This should be on every talent acquisition team’s priority list to address!

Coles supermarket will now give trans and gender diverse staff an extra 10 days paid leave

Coles leading the way again – what absolute legends.

Is Your Company a Retention Ambassador? Test Your Knowledge – Quiz

We love a quiz. Give this one a crack to see how your retention strategies weigh up, and get tips on how to improve!

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