This Week in Talent (24th November)


It has been an absolute pleasure to have been this months editor – a lot of highs and lows in the TA community this November… the ATC event is still popping up in my discussions!

Lots of forward thinking happening for Talent leading up to this holiday season. Will 2023 be our great divide? Have we learnt from all of the fearmongering around the “great resignation”? I can vividly recall how companies scrambled to double up on their recruitment teams.

More and more Talents teams are shifting from reactive hiring to igniting the many benefits we as TA folks can bring. A big theme on engagement and team connection continues to be a huge focus, and I am looking forward to seeing the new approaches teams will use with an increase of in-person events and meetings!

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Modis delivers first-of-its-kind Aboriginal language app to help break down communication barriers

With over 60 languages spoken in Aboriginal communities, Modis has created an app to help facilitate dialogues with our indigenous communities. How cool?!

7 Ways Talent Professionals Can Drive Business Impact Despite a Hiring Freeze

Although we’ve hit pause on reactive recruitment, it’s a chance to amplify your proactive candidate outreaches, and how in doing so, talent can influence and support the Business outcomes.

What do hiring freezes mean for Talent leaders and teams?

The ebbs and flows in recruitment life, how Talent leaders can add value and guide their teams in uncertain economic times.

4 projects for recruiting teams during a hiring freeze

Keeping your teams engaged and activity levels maintained, here are some projects your teams can take on now with the quieter period for recruitment. A chance to hone and tweak candidate experiences.

How to ensure your employer brand remains recession-proof

When people’s livelihoods and careers are being impacted, how can we ensure that our employer brand stands out and has an authentic voice? Also how to increase your brand presence through a looming recession. 

Why We Need to Stop Saying ‘Culture Fit

Hiring for culture fit is a pretty common practice — but it can be an outdated concept that reduces your chance of creating more diverse and inclusive teams. Here’s why we should stop saying culture fit.

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