This Week in Talent (22 March)

This week we talk LinkedIn’s annual update on global recruiting trends, some concerning omissions from Twitter’s diversity report, what recruitment can learn from Drake, and more.
Enjoy these musings!

Global Recruiting Trends 2018 – Reinventing the interview

Change seems to be on the horizon with this latest report on global recruiting trends by LinkedIn. What forms could future candidate screening take? The report has five suggestions for you to consider.

Here’s Why Twitter’s 2017 Diversity Numbers Don’t Add Up

Has Twitter been intentionally misleading about its diversity numbers? 20 percent of Twitter’s workforce was excluded from its diversity report. Why? And what does this suggest about diversity in hiring at some of the world’s largest tech giants?

Drake’s “God’s Plan” is telling you how to do recruiting and HR

There are five things Drake does really well that can help you improve your recruitment processes. Yes five, and they are pretty good.

Kirk Hope: New Zealand businesses need to look closely at their workplace

Kirk Hope, Chief Executive of BusinessNZ, lays out the steps Kiwi businesses should be taking to make sure they’re on top of it, steps that companies everywhere could and should be making use of.

Learning about inclusion through the experience of being included

This article shares three things you can do to create an inclusive culture at your workplace. A little unconventional but very powerful.

Why Hiring For Culture-Fit Can Ruin A Startup

The concept of hiring culture-fit employees is ideal in theory but it may not work in practice, especially for startups. Will Staney makes a compelling case.

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