This Week in Talent (16th December)

I couldn’t start the final TWIT for 2021 any other way than to acknowledge the beautiful and brilliant talent community for your insane levels of hard work this year. In a completely changed market, the swift direction change has taken every ounce of thinking, creativity, drive and spirit. You’ve given it your all. This has been your Everest!

Jo Vohland

I hope you’ve loved reading Jody Smith’s honest and hilarious take on what’s going on in talent each week as much as I have. Working “in and around” talent isn’t quite the same as getting your arse handed to you in the ring each day so we are supremely grateful to Jody and our 2022 Squad – Gareth Flynn, Paul Martin, Sarah Blanchard, and James Witcombe – for keeping us connected from every angle – In-house, Consultancy, RPO and Agency. It’s a magic combination and we love working with you all. 

Over the break, I’ll be putting some sand between my toes and spending as much time as I can in nature – but not before sharing far too many cocktails with the ATC Crew – Trevor & Cathy, Karen, Lucy, and Jody at our Christmas Party TODAY!  🥂🍸

The team have delivered some exceptional work in challenging circumstances and continue to show up each day with fresh ideas and very sound reasons that we shouldn’t do that crazy thing I’m suggesting. Very sensible guys. Thank you.

Enjoy plenty of the good stuff over the break.  See you all next year where we’ll continue to support each other because no matter how great friends, family and even hiring managers are – only the talent community really understands at a deep level what you are going through.

It’s almost Christmas so I’m not going to overload you with content because let’s face it, it’s almost time to wind down!

Instead I’ve chosen just three articles I’ve read recently that are very timely and I think everyone can gain some meaningful takeaways from.

TA, stop acting like a service function!

Katrina Collier tells it like it is. Her message is always unfiltered but typically on-point. The kind of message that usually falls under the heading “for your own good!”

The Fantastic Untapped Talent Pool

Anyone interested in the prospect of 584,000 candidates? Your candidate pool can get a whole lot bigger if you are willing.

How Lion Closed The Gender Pay Gap

With salary wars escalating, we have to ask ourselves which candidates are the ones negotiating aggressively and what is that doing to your gender and diverse pay gap. Having a clear rem strategy is critical, read all about Lion’s philosophy and process.

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