This Week in Talent (13 Dec)

We went around the world and found these for you: a 101 guide on People Analytics, tips for Christmas networking, a cool infographic describing the 24 cognitive biases that are warping your perceptions, and more!
Enjoy these musings!

The real reasons why the hiring manager-recruiter relationship often suck

Have a read – anything sounds familiar?

The 10 most important LinkedIn Talent product updates of 2018

We know most of you are on LinkedIn 24/7, but are you aware of these new functionalities that can help you find and attract the right candidates more easily? Read to find out.

Why all recruiters need to invest in their personal brand

How can you as a recruiter benefit from a strong personal brand? Check out this article to find out. Our very own Ruby Lee recently ran an online masterclass on personal branding for recruiters and if you are keen to get a head start on your peers in 2019, do check it out!

Ten tips for Christmas networking

In the maelstrom that’s festive networking – Christmas parties, final meet-up sessions for the year, end-of-year get togethers – and the likes, what should you be doing to create a good impression? Here are some tips.

Getting started with people analytics: a practitioner’s guide

This guide is designed to help you learn the basics and improve your capability when using data. Comprehensive and clearly presented, must read for anyone who is looking for a 101 on people analytics. Download the guide here.

24 cognitive biases that are warping your perception of reality

Cool infographic describing 24 of the key biases that warp your perception of what is real and they come with examples too. Perfect opportunity for some self-reflection on how some of our actions have impacted the way we recruit.

Australian Army revamping its recruitment process

Should all recruits be physically fit and able to shoot a rifle or can they hire someone who is a little overweight but has the cyberspace skills to turn off an enemy’s weapon system without getting out of a chair? Food for thought.

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