This Week in Talent (10th February)

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Jody Smith
Jody Smith

Have you ever heard the term “collective restoration” before? I read an article this week that I found so interesting around how humans were statistically less depressed/stressed when we were in periods of collective time off. Think about the Xmas/new year period, or Easter. It’s so much easier to switch off and relax when you know that everyone else is doing the same thing (except retail and hospo workers… soz y’all). Logistically I don’t think this would work for every company, but is it something you’ve ever given thought to as a manager? I wanna know what companies do this!

It also got me thinking about working rhythms, and how important they are but also… they can at times be lonely? We’re pretty flexible where I work at LX – and I make the most of that because I LOVE my mornings. My mornings are Jody time – I walk the dog, I gym, and I make myself a delicious and nutritious breakfast that I enjoy with a coffee. THEN… I log on for work.

But I find on the days that I start a bit later and work a bit later, and everyone else does a normal 8am-4pm or 9am-5pm … I feel lonely? Is that just me? Like … what if I have an emergency after 5pm and I need urgent assistance from the team? I’m probably overthinking this, but… I do love an article that makes me (over)think haha.

Zen AF Jody update: I did a bad thing this week and skipped my beloved after-work yoga to work late. THIS IS NOT IDEAL, ZEN AF JODY! It really goes against my zen af values, and must be rectified immediately. Although it’s been big days for me this week (working on exciting things though, I prommy) – I have been multitasking whilst listening to this new podcast. A wild ride, is all I’m gonna say. Not quite recruitment, but very entertaining.

Something super cute to share with you all too… is we’ve been re-watching Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and our beautiful rescue greyhound has randomly started singing to the opening credits? Every episode – he starts singing, and it’s so cute I DIE! You can watch/listen here for a very cute time.

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