This Week in Talent (3rd February)

Howdy, it’s Thursday again. AND it’s February 2022. Time flies when everything in the world is bananas, am I riiiiight?!

Last week I spoke about how we’re in the process of looking at our suite of candidate assessment tools, and totally shaking things up – particularly in the project delivery/engineering recruitment space. More practical activities, less reliance on behavioural interviews.

It’s going to be a bigger challenge than I initially thought … there’s a bunch of things to consider – stakeholder buy-in, actually creating the tools, creating assessment methodology behind it, testing the tools, ensuring appropriateness, fairness and technical accuracy, creating an education piece for hiring managers, getting the TA team up to speed, and, probably the biggest challenge … trying to find the time to actually take a step back and do this thing! Good luck to me. Whoop!

Zen AF Jody update: in amongst my Euphoria bingeing, and playing endless Mario Kart on the Switch –  I have also been making time in my life for another one of my favourite things … yoga! I have been scheduling it for after work so I have to log off and go. This trick actually works! Having something to do after work means you can plan your day so that you finish on time, and you have a set finish time in order to commute to the thing that you’re doing. Highly recommend!

I also love this cheeky goal setting tool – so cute!

Get ya zen on!

Where Automated Job Interviews Fall Short

If you’re like me and looking at optimising and automating as much of your recruitment process as feasible … this will be interesting for you 🙂

Recruiting and Retaining Employees in 2022 Won’t Get Any Easier

We’ve all seen the predictions for 2022, and this is another one to add to the mix. Some nice tips and tricks in here, and things to be wary of.

Antiwork: Unemployment For All, Not Just The Rich

I thought this was worth sharing … a Reddit group, with 1.7mil members, that takes the piss out of the capitalist working world that we all live in. Is the future of work more people actively deciding to be unemployed?

Design an Office That People Want To Come Back To

For those of us that love a hybrid work schedule (aka meeeeee) – this is a great article for rethinking the design of the office in a hybrid world. Traditional office cubicles won’t cut it anymore, and aren’t fit for purpose when people do decide to meet in the office to collaborate.

Highest Paying Tech Roles In Australia

People are being offered up to a 30% salary increase in order to make the jump to a new role. My lord, I can’t keep up (and definitely can’t compete). Crazy times!

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