Stop, start, continue – getting ahead of change

Stop, start, continue – the three things you would normally ask during a feedback session for a project or assignment.
When an organisation undergoes change, Talent Acquisition (TA) is often the team who spend the most amount of time with their breath held in…when are roles going to be released, when can we move ahead on offers, how can we pipeline when we don’t know the “go” date?
As I reflected on the organisational transformations that I have been through, I realised just how unpredictable these situations can be for Talent Acquisition, and I thought I would share some of my experiences and lessons learnt.
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Stop looking backwards, the people you hired yesterday are not the people you are hiring for tomorrow.
Stop wondering when the “go” button will be pushed, the senior leaders of the company are on a journey too and you will find out as soon as they do – use that wondering time for more productive activities like development, analysis or networking.
Stop listening to water cooler gossips – TA is the front line for candidate information so you need to ensure you have the true facts and the right messaging. Hold your head high with positivity and make yourself available for those employees who are affected by the changes that need your advice and assistance.


Start learning the new go-to market pitch and learn it quickly, you need to be ready and prepared with the new messaging for candidates and hiring managers.
Start Talent mapping in the key areas, who will you be competing with, who are the rain makers, who are the internal talents that are ready for the new roles in the business.
Start collaborating with your peers. Now more than ever is the opportune time to knowledge share, drive thought leadership and connect as a team.


Continue your self-development, get across the training that has been sat on your to-do list, spend time with the business so you are 100 percent aligned on where you are going.
Continue to be the culture ambassador, candidates look to you as a symbol of who the company is, employees look to you as the face of the company. Get out to networking events and be visible to the market.
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Continue supporting your business units and business leaders with industry information and subject matter expertise. Add value wherever you can, whether it be market bench marking, succession planning options or market intelligence from your competitors.
Finally, Continue investing in your team. One of the key reasons why I was excited and embraced  the changes was due to the power of my team. No matter where I was in my journey with my business units, it was great to know I had friends and peers around me who I could rely on and talk to. It empowered me and enabled me to focus on hiring the best Talent for my company.

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