ATC’s Talent Tech Pitch-Off is back!

The Innovation Lab is one of the most exciting sessions at The Australasian Talent Conference. Many now mainstream Talent Products launched in ATC’s annual new Talent Tech Competition.

On 9 November at ATC2022 , Luna Park Sydney, our seven finalists will pitch off against each other live on stage.

The winner will be determined by the audience – Talent Acquisition Teams from all over Australia & NZ.  They’ll be asking questions direct to the Finalists and then voting a winner who will be announced live on stage. 

I’ll be co-hosting with Richard Barnett, ANZ Solutions Director at Hays.  Richard will also be announcing the Hays Choice Award Winner. 

Finalist #1: equidi

Pitching in 2022 is: Natalie Flynn, CEO & founder

How would you best describe your product/innovation?

equidi is a world-first platform that’s leveling up the ledger on gender this century. It provides companies with real-time visibility over – pay and representation gaps, across every part of their business – on a single dashboard.

What problem does it solve?

At the current rate of change the global gender pay gap is not projected to close for 132 years. And for every $1 men earn — women in this country earn just 78c. That’s 22% less.

The key problem? You can’t change what you can’t see. While businesses often want to do the right thing and the desire and appetite is there – busy CEOs and People teams simply haven’t had easy access to the right data, know-why, know-what and most importantly know-how to address the change. We’re equipping companies with the data, tools, and resources to take a lead in leveling up the balance. 

Finalist #2: BenchmarCX

Pitching in 2022 is: Steve Gard, Founder

How would you best describe your product/innovation?

BenchmarCX automates capture and analysis of candidate experience feedback at each stage of your recruitment process, in real-time, and provides benchmark data in your results dashboard for 25+ data points so you can see how your results compare to other employers.

What frustration does it solve?

We know how much a great (or negative) candidate experience impacts an employer brand and candidate and new hire engagement.

Sometimes, you can be aware that there’s an issue in your process but can’t quite put your finger on what.

Plus if you do manage to get some candidate experience data, you have no comparison to see if your results are competitive or not? BenchmarCX solves these issues.

Finalist #3: Vpply

Pitching in 2022 is: Clayton Kelly, Partnerships and Sales

How would you best describe your product/innovation?

Vpply is a video technology company specialising in HR Tech with the focus on  job search, video interviews and video based employer branding.

Utilising video technology allows candidates to make an immediate, personalised impression and, most importantly, stand out to their potential future employers.

How does it differentiate to similar products in the market?

We are disrupting the traditional text job board and interview space and providing employers multiple tools to attract top jobseekers with authentic and inspiring stories. The recruitment industry has awakened to the importance of employment branding by turbocharging social recruiting, showcasing diversity, embracing employer brand content & so much more where Vpply aims to be there every step of the way.

Finalist #4: Jobtale

Pitching in 2022 is: Kristen Graham, Product Owner & GTM Strategy

Where did the idea for your product/innovation come from?  

  • Listening to hiring managers talk about their frustrations with hiring especially around getting their brand voice communicated effectively to the market, using existing platforms.
  • And then, asking the question, what does the best job ad in the world look like?

How would you best describe your product/innovation?

With Jobtale, businesses can create compelling, customisable, content-rich, candidate-centric job ads. 

Jobtale encourages users to build unique job ads by choosing from a range of drag-and-drop content blocks which helps articulate the job and their Employer Brand. The end result is a beautifully branded job ad with everything a candidate wants to know and nothing they don’t.  Engage passive talent with the right story, in the right place.

Finalist #5: Toby (by Triggr)

Pitching in 2022 is: Tom Rielly, Founder

How would you best describe your product/innovation?

Toby provides real-time talent intelligence by constantly sourcing relevant hiring data from the public web to give talent teams the actionable insights they need to make informed, data-driven hiring decisions while also powering its first-of-kind AI candidate prediction algorithm. It uses current and historical data to help our customers build talent maps, predict external and internal tenure, analyze compensation, understand career paths, salary trends, competitor hiring trends and more to give our clients a competitive edge.

 What problem does it solve?

The talent market is increasingly competitive and although there’s more data available on jobs, candidates and employees than ever, businesses don’t have the technology to collect or use this information effectively.

Finalist #6: Enboarder

Pitching in 2022 is: Cat Rutledge Jones, Head of APAC Sales

How would you best describe your product/innovation?

Building Better Human Connections has never been more important than in a Post-Pandemic Remote/Hybrid world.  Enboarder will showcase a new product (yet to be released) that is all about helping customers build better human connections between employees. 

What problem does it solve?

We have become disconnected during the pandemic.  In a hyper-short talent environment, building strong culture and better human connections is the best way to retain your precious talent.   Our new product facilitates better human connections between your staff… whether they are sitting in the same department or working remotely. The new profiles allow employees to really showcase who they are… and what they are passionate about.  We make it easy for people to seek out like-minded colleagues that share a passion. 

Finalist #7: VideoMyJob

Pitching in 2022 is: Dave Cervelli, VP Growth

How would you best describe your product/innovation?

Connecting Talent to Brands using employee stories.

Where did the idea for your product/innovation come from? 

The struggle to communicate employee stories at scale, and in a meaningful place outside of social platforms which are often crowded with many brands and expensive to use.

We deep-dived into our customer’s career websites and could see that there was little to no differentiator however, they all have unique cultures & values that they struggle to communicate.  Candidates have questions about Culture, Diversity & Inclusion is often hidden and keeping and candidate’s attention is tough.

It’s an Employer Brand’s best friend.

“Watching the finalists pitch their tech innovations and imagining the positive impact they could have on organisations is a highlight of ATC every year. The ATC Innovation Lab is a wonderful forum for the finalists to share their products to the talent community – join us and vote on the product that you think could have the biggest impact on your TA challenges.” – Hays

We hope you’ll come along and be one of our judges voting in this year’s Innovation Lab Winner. You’ll enjoy content, learning and socialising with talent teams from all over Australia.

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